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Based on the Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Nicole is a sculptor, painter and graphic designer with many years experience. As an artist, she has experimented over time with a variety of mediums, discovering the creative possibilities of each new material and technique is integral to her practice. From paint, clay, plaster and wax, through to stone carving and found objects, Nicole enjoys the almost limitless potential for creative expression.

Nicole particularly enjoys sharing knowledge with others and has had the opportunity to do so teaching at The Shed Sculpture Studio in recent years. Nicole has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, including Artzpace in 2012 as a sculptor and 2014 as a painter, in addition to en plein air painting demonstrations and murals. A number of years ago she established Factory5 creative space – initially as a gallery for emerging artists, and more recently as studio space for working artists.


“As a kid, I was rarely without a pencil or a paint brush, I had it all figured out: I would be a tortured artist, live in a Parisian garret and create magnificent art. It was all terribly romantic.

As a teenager, when my “starving artist in a garret” plan was met with something rather less than enthusiasm… I figured that Graphic Artist, was the “respectable” alternative. I got a job in a design studio, studied fine arts at nights, and spent the next few decades in the advertising industry.

These days, I inhabit the twilight zone between painter and sculptor – where the desire to create, to express and respond to my environment, is – and always will be, a passionate need.”

My paintings are gestural – almost impatient. A little like snippets of a half heard conversation
Brushes make rare guest appearances in my painting process. I prefer to use my fingers, cards or sponges.
Paint comes straight from the tube and the fun happens on the canvas. It’s a messy but immensely satisfying process.
Don’t let them fool you – You really are never too old to finger paint.

The beauty and fluidity of the human form is a constant inspiration for my work.
Our bodies convey so many of our emotions subconsciously. Our stance, the tilt of the head, a gesture…
So much of what we don’t say, is there to see in our very physicality. I try to capture these subtleties in my sculptures.
In simplifying the forms, creating a more organic, abstracted shape, I invite the viewer to make their own connections to the piece, to recognise the emotions – or themselves within the gesture of the work.